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Yes, of course! Action Superheroes to Horror to Comedies to Corporate/ Startup Humor to Mythology - You can mix and match whichever genres suit you best! Very soon we will be launching Educational Genre as well for kids where students can read their subjects in comic fun style.

Yes absolutely! You can choose your preferred language. As of now, we have comics ready in these languages - English, Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Telugu and Kannada. If your preferred language is not mentioned here, don't worry. We keep adding new languages every month so keep checking back.

Yes, you can gift the subscriptions to anyone. Just don't forget to mention their number in the contact number section while subscribing so we can get in touch with them easily.

We currently send you comics on your Whatsapp number. Very soon we will be having our own platform ready as well. Then you can even log in to our website and app and read it right there. Of course, Whatsapp service will still continue!

Yes, we accept submissions from our subscribers. In fact, we run specific contests for our subscribers so they get the opportunity to become a creator. We will keep you updated.

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